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Epic Wijk aan Zee

Awesome summersunsetsession!

Battle of the Generation 2012

After the success of the first edition of the Battle of the Generations it took some time for conditions to be perfect for a second contest. After two year conditions were better than ever on an amazing windsurfday at Scheveningen. The windsurfer from Plankenkoorts showed off some awesome moves. In the end the battle was won by Javier Sint Jago.

Mission XL

The biggest windsurfing event in The Netherlands is the Mission. The Dutch pro freestyle riders and some guest riders come here to show their tricks and it is possible to test the newest windsurfing gear. The HDR picture of the green Volkswagen van was chosen to be on the poster of this event.

PK PARADISE: Plankenkoorts Lustrumtrip

Together with Alfons Schure a short movie was created of the Plankenkoorts Lustrumtrip to PK PARADISE in Quiberon, France. Enjoy!

PK PARADISE: Plankenkoorts 6de lustrum trip from Alfons Schure on Vimeo.

Canaries 2010-2011 Short Film – Moerasbevertrip

Instead of more pictures, I created a short film to give you an impression of the surftrip! Spring has started, which means longer days and hopefully many after work surfsessions!

Canaries 2010-2011 – Moerasbevertrip from Menno van der Bijl on Vimeo.

Scheveningen Zuid 16-10-2010

Got the chance to finally test my new board! A 6’6 x 20″1/2 x 2″ 5/8 modern fish. A great board for the dutch waves I must say! Easy to get speed on the less powerful windswell we have here in the Northsea. Because of the wind and the crowd I decided to go windsurfing, which was hard but also a lot of fun!

Took some pictures before I went in the water.


From now on, is up and running! I finally have a place on the web where I can post my pictures! A couple of months ago I bought myself a Canon EOS 500D DSLR and I have already taken loads of pictures with it. Mostly of surfing, but also some landscape shots, portraits of people and just random weird photos. Soon I will post several of these pictures on this page!

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