Battle of the Generations 2010

On tuesday the 14th of September 2010 the old and new generations of Plankenkoorts members competed against eachother in a fantastic windsurfing event. Wind was 25-40 knots, waves up to 2.5 meters! After surfing my heat, I decided to go out for some fun surf. Almost made a backloop by accident, which felt great! So I wanted to try more looping, but I got stuck in the shorebreak and a wave broke my mast! Crap! However, this gave me the time to take some great pictures of the other windsurfers. It was cold, raining and very very windy, but they gave away an amazing show and it was really fun to watch. My camera seemed to hold up pretty well with all the wind, sand and rain. Thanks to Plankenkoorts for organizing this amazing event!

Summer 2010 – Leucate

Finally took the time to make a selection of my favourite pictures from the windsurftrip to Leucate! Two weeks of sunshine, windsurffun and partying! I took more than 700 pictures, most of them of my friends windsurfing. Also played around with the video function on my EOS 500D and I’m almost done editing the Leucate movie. When it’s finished I will post it here ofcourse! Enjoy the Leucate pictures!