Scheveningen Zuid, Hemelvaartsdag

Already had many surfsessions in The Netherlands, but last week was especially great: four hours in the morning on saturday, a great dawn patrol session on tuesday the 11th of May, and a super relaxed and fun session thursday the 13th of May, Hemelvaartsdag, a public holiday. I borrowed my camera to my friends girlfriend, and she took some shots of us in the surf. The waves were really mellow at first, but started getting more powerful at the end of the session. Haven’t caught so many waves in one day since Portugal!

3 thoughts on “Scheveningen Zuid, Hemelvaartsdag

  1. Hey menno, leuke fotos van de zuid op hemelvaartsdag! Ik ben een vriend van sander die er toen ook met jullie in lag, en zag mezelf op 2 fotos staan (iig de laatste van de set)! Zou jij wat fotos van mij en sander hi res kunnen sturen? vind ik wel leuk als wallpaper etc..

    Thnx! Bob

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