Tenerife Week 1

It’s been some time, because in The Netherlands it’s was ball freezing cold! However, I’ve been on Tenerife now for a week with three friends (Tino, Tom and Bas) and the surf here is ON! The first day I had one of the best windsurfsessions in my life! Side-offshore wind and 1-2 meter swell. I got to take some great photo’s of the locals and my friends. We are staying in a luxury appartment with a huge swimmingpool and the weather is 25 degrees with a lot of sunshine! The wind is gone for the coming days, but since Tenerife is an island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean it receives a lot of swells, so surfing is good here almost everyday! Tom took some pictures of me dropping in on a shorebreak bomb. Not used to these kind of waves yet I wiped out and got held down for more than twenty seconds! Enjoy the pictures. More will probably follow later on!

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