Fuerteventura 2012

It’s becoming a tradition to visit a warm place every winter. In januari 2012 I visited Fuerteventura for the second year. This time we were with six friends, surfing every day for two weeks. The waves and the weather were great. I took some pictures which you can see in the gallery below. In the next post I will link to the movie I created from this trip.

Marokko 2011

Time to update my site. It has been two years… but I made loads of pictures. I selected a couple of nice ones from the surftrips I’ve been on. This gallery is from the trip to Marokko during summer 2011. With 7 guys we drove from The Netherlands, to Biarritz in France, Peniche, Guincho, Sagres in Portugal, Tarifa in Spain and Moulay Bouzerktoun in Morocco! Later more friends joined us for an awesome surfing holiday!

Tenerife Week 1

It’s been some time, because in The Netherlands it’s was ball freezing cold! However, I’ve been on Tenerife now for a week with three friends (Tino, Tom and Bas) and the surf here is ON! The first day I had one of the best windsurfsessions in my life! Side-offshore wind and 1-2 meter swell. I got to take some great photo’s of the locals and my friends. We are staying in a luxury appartment with a huge swimmingpool and the weather is 25 degrees with a lot of sunshine! The wind is gone for the coming days, but since Tenerife is an island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean it receives a lot of swells, so surfing is good here almost everyday! Tom took some pictures of me dropping in on a shorebreak bomb. Not used to these kind of waves yet I wiped out and got held down for more than twenty seconds! Enjoy the pictures. More will probably follow later on!

Scheveningen Zuid 16-10-2010

Got the chance to finally test my new board! A 6’6 x 20″1/2 x 2″ 5/8 modern fish. A great board for the dutch waves I must say! Easy to get speed on the less powerful windswell we have here in the Northsea. Because of the wind and the crowd I decided to go windsurfing, which was hard but also a lot of fun!

Took some pictures before I went in the water.

Battle of the Generations 2010

On tuesday the 14th of September 2010 the old and new generations of Plankenkoorts members competed against eachother in a fantastic windsurfing event. Wind was 25-40 knots, waves up to 2.5 meters! After surfing my heat, I decided to go out for some fun surf. Almost made a backloop by accident, which felt great! So I wanted to try more looping, but I got stuck in the shorebreak and a wave broke my mast! Crap! However, this gave me the time to take some great pictures of the other windsurfers. It was cold, raining and very very windy, but they gave away an amazing show and it was really fun to watch. My camera seemed to hold up pretty well with all the wind, sand and rain. Thanks to Plankenkoorts for organizing this amazing event!