Scheveningen Zuid, March 6

After coming back from Portugal, the water in the Netherlands was terribly cold. After a dawn patrol session at the end of Januari, during which I couldn’t last more than 20 minutes in the water I decided to wait a month for the water to get warmer. Unfortunately this didn’t really happen and I needed my shot of surf! So I decided to buy warmer gloves as soon as the surf arrived on the 6th of March. Now I could surf for three hours easily! I took some pictures after this epic surf session at Scheveningen Zuid. We got a spectacular sunset before going home. Although the watertemperature was 4 degrees Celsius, the air temperature -1 degrees and it took more than three hours for my feet to get warm again, it was definitely worth it!

Portugal: Peniche 2009-2010

For the second year I went to Peniche in Portugal during the winter with a bunch of friends from my surfclub Plankenkoorts. We had loads of great waves and I got to try out my new camera! I took more than a thousand pictures, most of which are of my girlfriend and other friends practicing surfing. To give you a general idea of what the waves and scenery look like over there in the wintertime, check out these pictures!


From now on, is up and running! I finally have a place on the web where I can post my pictures! A couple of months ago I bought myself a Canon EOS 500D DSLR and I have already taken loads of pictures with it. Mostly of surfing, but also some landscape shots, portraits of people and just random weird photos. Soon I will post several of these pictures on this page!

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